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Linda Castronovo                           Venmo: @Linda-Castronovo-1

I discovered yoga while still in high school in a 1979 Runner's World article. I followed the directions and tried the postures because the author promised improved strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. It was just a handful of postures: warrior, triangle, cobra, downward dog, and child pose, but I immediately felt calmer, more centered, and more alive. 

I studied exercise science in college and graduate school, worked as a personal trainer, a wellness/fitness director, and field hockey and lacrosse coach. I was certified as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor in 1991 and continue my study of yoga with many teachers, including Patty Townsend. My personal practice has evolved over the years and now includes daily meditation, pranayama, and asana. I value every opportunity to practice yoga on and off the mat.


Now in my sixties, my classes are moving meditations designed to build strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance. I teach an eclectic mix of many traditions, but my aim is to guide you to your own deep well of gratitude, compassion, and self-acceptance.


Click here to learn more about my background.

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Linda Castronovo
Linda Castronoo

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Chris Paradis

Chris Paradis                                         Venmo: @Christine-Paradis

Chris Paradis is a lacrosse coach, yoga teacher and health coach. She came to her yoga mat 18 years ago to address her aging joints, and found a practice with healing qualities that go beyond stretching and breathing.  Chris’s classes focus on the breath, alignment, and fluidity. She also helps students practice self-acceptance and how to take their practice off the mat in order to achieve greater ease and resilience in their daily lives.


Chris earned her 200-hour certification at Amherst Yoga Center under the guidance of Patty Townsend, and has also studied with Sara Rose, Karen Seaver and Shiva Rea. She welcomes students of all levels to come explore the beauty of being fully embodied. 

Chris Paradis.jpg
Erin Schfferli

Erin Schifferli                                 Venmo: @Erin-Schifferli

Yoga arrived in Erin’s life in the year 2000. The practice brought healing for her shoulder pain and a newfound sense of wellbeing. She was both inspired and curious! Breathing, balancing, and most powerful of all - being - fostered greater awareness and attentiveness in her life. Discovering this was part of her impetus to deepen her practice and attend teacher trainings to gather further insight. From the first pause on a mat, she sensed the power that Yoga has to offer individuals, communities, and the world. Erin
understood that Yoga impacts the practitioner, as well as the planet; the ripples of the connections continue to grow ever outward. Part of her ripple expansion is to share the practice.

Meditation, movement, and time outdoors in the wonders of Nature support her as a whole person, partner, mother of four, and business owner. Erin is grateful to have learned from many teachers and mentors over the years. She maintains a 500 HR E-RYT with continual life study and an ever evolving daily Yoga practice. Currently residing in Amherst, MA, she offers both in-person and virtual classes, private sessions, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition Education / Counseling, and Doula Birth Services, including birth education /preparation. To learn more about Erin or to schedule an appointment:

Erin-Bio photo 2020.jpeg

Tiffany Joseph                                Venmo: @Tiffany-Joseph-21 


Tiffany's bio is coming soon!


Kim Deshaies                                         Venmo: @kmdeshaies

Passionately weaving her studies in contemporary psychology and neuroscience with reverence for ancient yogic philosophy, Kim sparks curiosity in the roots of yoga practice and shares practical tools to help build resilience, support mental health and physical wellbeing. She takes a trauma-informed approach to yoga that aims to bring students into their bodies where they can make the decisions that are right for them in each moment, and hopes that students will leave class feeling celebrated and empowered to take their practice off the mat in ways that support their individual needs, lives, and work in the world. Kim is a registered yoga teacher (200 RYT) with a BA in Psychology and additional training in Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Yoga Nidra for Mental Health.

Kim's Photo.jpg
Taylor Haaf
Kim Deshaies
Jen Vanderleeden

Jennifer Vanderleeden                        Venmo: @Jennifer-Vanderleeden

Jennifer Vanderleeden has been a student of yoga for the past twenty+ years and has been teaching in the valley since 2010. She is known for her calming presence, relaxing voice, and skillful guidance. Her classes are strong, upbeat and focused on alignment. Her teaching is steeped in mindfulness, precision, and the practice of loving kindness. Students will experience challenging, balanced sequences that enable them to be present and to let go of their daily distractions and doubts. 


She aims to create an environment in which students are supported emotionally and are able to maintain the tools they need to feel strong, empowered, and safe in their yoga practice. 


Jen welcomes you to come to your mat as you are, and to take your practice with you into your daily life!


Ilana Beigel

Ilana Beigel                                            Venmo: @ilanabeigel

Ilana was first introduced to yoga in 1991 in high school gym class, and was instantly enamored with the peace and tranquility the simple yet profound practice offered. She was in awe of the transformation she felt in her body and mind, and while she didn’t yet know the role yoga would play in her life, she knew the story had just begun. 

She formally pursued the field of Psychology and a career as a Medical Speech Therapist, all the while engaging in self-study of yoga, meditation and spirituality. She eventually enrolled in a 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health - simply because she wanted to learn more, not to actually become a yoga teacher … but as John Lennon said, “life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”. 

Now, in addition to leading classes, workshops and private yoga and mindfulness/life coaching sessions in Amherst and online, she teaches on the online platform 'The Thread Yoga Collective' and works as a faculty member at the Kripalu Center where she teaches classes and works in the School of Yoga.


She believes yoga is a way of life - not simply something you do on the mat - and she aims to inspire you to live with more purpose, joy, ease, and flow. In her classes, she encourages you to deeply connect with yourself and her hope is that you will leave practice feeling more vibrant and strong in your body, more calm and relaxed in your mind, and more open and spacious in your heart. 

Ilana new pic.jpeg

Jen Larsen                                                 Venmo: Jen-Larsen-11

Jen Larsen is the founder of Innerglow Wellness, LLC. Through holistic life coaching and trauma-informed yoga instruction, she is dedicated to helping individuals unveil their “inner glow” and embody their greatest potential in body, mind, and spirit. Her education includes graduate work in the psychology of consciousness and psycholinguistics, professional certification through the International Coaching Federation, and she has more than 17 years as a certified yoga and meditation teacher with special training in yoga for trauma and regulation of the nervous system. She has worked with a variety of populations from cancer patients to veterans to professional athletes and everyone in between. In addition to coaching and teaching yoga, she is a public speaker and former radio personality on the topics of health and wellness, particularly the power of the mind and the effects of gratitude and positive thinking on physical health. 


In her downtime, you’ll find her creating healthy concoctions in the kitchen, exploring local trails, and spending quality time with her kids, cats, and dog.

To learn more about Jen and her offerings, please visit

FB and IG: @lightyourinnerglow

YouTube: Innerglow Wellness

Jen Larsen.jpg

Diana Peters-Ross                                Venmo: @Diana-Peters-Ross

Diana began her yoga journey in college seeking a way to heal her body. As she developed a regular  practice, she  noticed many positive physical changes including more flexibility and strength. After a year of consistent practice, she became aware of the many ways yoga changed her life, including improved focus and a deeper sense of peace. 

With a desire to share yoga, Diana completed the 200 hour instructor certification at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in 2003. After the teacher training, she continued to assistant at Kripalu for a couple of years. 


Now Diana enjoys sharing her love of yoga with others at a regular class at Hampshire Athletic Club, as well as outdoors at Andrews. 


Diana's classes weave together mindfulness, pranayama, flexibility, balance and strength. 

Diana supports participants to find more ease in their bodies, as well as compassion and resilience both on and off the mat.


Diana holds certificates in "Yoga Dance" and Prenatal Yoga, she also has a Masters Degree in Special Education and currently works full time in the public schools. 


Diana PetersRoss.jpg

Pierre Rouzier                                                  Venmo: @Pierre-Rouzier

Pierre Rouzier is a primary care sports medicine physician is his mid 60s who’s been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  He was introduced to yoga at age 50 by his then college football playing son who started with yoga for injury prevention.  Several years later when his younger son completed yoga teacher training after a number of soccer injuries and said “Dad, I think you’d really like doing this”, Pierre went to the Nexus Institute in Costa Rica for his 200 hour YTT.


His interests lie in yoga for fitness and injury prevention and to help people understand the scope of their injuries and learn adaptive asansas to accomplish their goals.  Pierre has used breathwork for working with anxiety, depression and performance enhancement.  He committed himself to learning more about the chakra system and integrating this into his practice and teaching.  


Pierre’s medical career has focused on “Exercise as Medicine”, helping people make lifestyle changes and work with their injuries.  He is the author of a patient education book, “The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor”, and a children’s book, “Henry Gets Moving”.


One of Pierre’s hobbies is long distance adventure cycling.  He rode from Oregon to Boston in 2016, from New Orleans to Canada in 2018, from Vancouver to the Mexican border in 2022, and from Lands End England to the northern tip of Scotland in 2023.


His classes will be energetic and enthusiastic (regardless of your level and which asanas you choose) and they’ll work on nearly every muscle group and joint in your body.


Janet Howard                                     Venmo: @janet-howard-2

Janet found the mat after the end of her 25-year marriage. As she dug through the rubble, she knew she had to face her childhood trauma. With disciplined practice, connection to nature, writing and a healthier lifestyle, she found a safe place for healing – and the foundation for her well care.

Janet is a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner and
Reiki Master. She authored her healing memoir, Field Notes on Letting Go - a memoir of truth-
seeking, healing, and personal freedom and its pondering workbook in 2023.

Chanting sat nam – truth as an identity – places us on a path of truth. Janet’s class is a sacred space to use breath, movement, meditation, and mantra to clear energetic pathways, connect with your insides, release layers, and patterns and fully feel your power -- a power to forgive, be forgiven and live a life of authentic freedom – without fear (okay fear may be there but its best friend courage is right alongside).

Plant the seed of truth through chanting sat nam. Practicing in community grows a field of truth and the power of community healing. Feeling too stiff? Too old? Too hard? Too scary? She welcomes all – with whatever is going on in your life. Bring your perfect self as you are.

Sunday Morning Kundalini Yoga - Starting June 9 – White Barn Studio – 20 Dickinson Street - weekly 10-11:30 am.

13-part, on-demand workshop, “Read, Write, and Release” combining reading, writing and
kundalini yoga at your pace.

Explore Janet’s website for Kundalini Yoga, Energy Medicine, on-demand workshop, Pondering Blog, Follow Gut Blog, Self-Care Journal, and AirBNB.

janet howard.JPG

Liz Lacey

Liz Lacey has completed a 500-hour yoga teacher certification at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India in 2018, and has completed two additional 500-hour teacher training sessions at Maa Shakti Yog also in Rishikesh.  Her training included Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, and Yin yoga.  Liz currently focuses on alignment, flexibility, and strength through slow movement.  Besides asanas, she is passionate about breath work which she includes in her daily practice.


Robin Kassis                                     Venmo: @Robin-Kassis-1

I love that yoga, which is such an integral part of my life, is so portable. I can take it anywhere, whether it's the red rocks of Sedona, the  beaches of Cape Cod, or inside a studio. My practice has deeply informed and transformed my life, and it is a gift to be able to share that with my students, both privately and in classes. I currently teach two group classes on Monday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 and two individual classes over Zoom, as well as occasional workshops. 


My training and certification was completed 25 years ago through the Kriya tradition. But my personal practice began in my early twenties, and became more focused in my forties, when I decided to become a teacher. My style is to address individual needs for correct alignment and respectful engagement. Classes incorporate pranayama or breath practice, which  supports depth in each pose, allowing a student to listen and find his/her edge without going beyond the body's acceptable range.

I love teaching yoga and my hope is to instill that passion and care to my students as they open to transformation in body, mind and spirit. 


In addition to yoga, I am a Usui Reiki Master and am available for private sessions for Reiki and sessions that combine yoga with energy work. As a certified Wholeness Energetics practitioner, I offer spiritual counseling and energy work to support change and empowerment in unpacking old patterns and beliefs. I pull in the methodology of Donna Eden's energy medicine to complement these healing modalities.


Meditation, hiking, reading, singing and spending time with loved ones is the foundation of my life. You can learn more about my work at 

Robin Kassis.jpg

Onatah Stoll                                    Venmo: @Onatah


Onatah is an RYT-500 and certified Embodyoga® Teacher, shiatsu practitioner, musician and healer. She has been teaching yoga since 2012 with a sincere heart and longing to be of service to truth and love. Her classes are deep, alignment focused and full of awe for life.


You can learn more about Onatah and her work at her website,


Amy Sundari-Finlay                          Venmo: @amy-sundari


Amy Sundari Finlay was born to two yoga teachers (students of Swami Satchidananda), began practicing Ashtanga style yoga (Jois lineage) in her 30s, and received her 200-hour certification from Kripalu in 2021.


After low back pain threatened to end her beloved vinyasa practice, she developed her own style of yoga informed by the work of preeminent back health expert Stuart McGill, PhD. Her innovative approach eliminates hunching transitions and other poses known to aggravate lumber discs. Her classes center introspective flow, protective core strength development, lots of heat-building Ashtanga-inspired repetition (which can be modified in intensity), and deeply nourishing pranayama. Amy encourages modifications and substitutions, to “make the practice your own.”


For updates on when she will be teaching, you can get on Amy’s email list.

Amy Sundari Finley.jpeg

Photo by Tiffany Joseph at Roberta's Lahaina fundraiser.

Sebastian Merrill                         Venmo: @Seb-Caswell

Sebastian is a poet and an enthusiastic yoga practitioner. He studied yoga in India in 2010 and holds a degree in South Asian Studies from Wellesley College. He received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2018 from Adhikara Yoga School & Teacher Training, where he studied under Molly Kitchen and Jacoby Ballard. Sebastian’s yoga classes are alignment focused, rooted in yoga philosophy, social justice oriented, and trauma informed. All levels welcome.

Credentials & Certifications: RYT 200, Trauma-informed

Learn more about Sebastian at


Sebastian teaches a drop-in weekly Queer & Trans Yoga Class at

Translate Gender in Northampton on Mondays // 6-7:15 PM.  

Sign up link:


Sebastian teaches weekly classes at the Yoga Sanctuary in Northampton on

Tuesdays at 5:30 PM and 7 PM and on Thursdays at 9:15 AM.

Sign up here:

Sebastian yoga.jpg

Molly Aronson           Venmo: @Molly-Aronson-2


Molly Aronson (they/she) came to yoga and meditation as a way of finding gentle connection with their body and accessing their intuition. Their teaching is informed by the idea that we all have unique, varied, and sometimes complex relationships with our physical bodies, and there is no universal or correct way to be in relationship with a body. Their 200 hour training was with the Tree Yoga Cooperative, a social justice focused and trauma informed studio that empowers students to cultivate their internal guidance both on and off the mat. The Tree focuses on contextualizing the modern practice of yoga within the race, class, and cultural structures we live under today. Molly practices gentle vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga and weaves elements of these together in their classes. They intend to honor the roots of this ancient practice while also making yoga accessible to a wide range of bodies and minds. Off the mat, you can find Molly birding, biking, cooking, foraging, or playing drums. 


Kat Now                       Venmo: @katnow

Kat Now (she/her) is an educator and creative, exploring the intersections of Embodied Mindfulness practices, social justice, community, and creativity. Kat's yoga practice is an extension of her core values: building community, connecting with the awesomeness of nature, leveraging privilege to advocate for just change, and developing supportive spaces to freely express creativity. Kat loves to create yoga classes that honor yogic traditions and are accessible for all levels, because she firmly believes that every body is a yoga body! Kat strives to empower her students to acknowledge their inner strength and agency. This goal is informed by her years of work in the field of education advocating for policy reform to support trans students.


Kat is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher with additional training in accessible & trauma-informed teaching from Love Your Brain Yoga and the Accessible Yoga School. A musician by training, she often infuses her yoga practice with chanting in Sanskrit or English. Kat guides Embodied Mindfulness practices beyond yoga, including conscious dance and embodied singing. Kat enjoys dancing, writing, creating and appreciating art, spending as much time in nature as possible, celebrating her Polishness, and exploring spiritual lessons from a variety of traditions.


Learn more about Kat & her Embodied Mindfulness offerings here:; and on Instagram:

Michael Silverstone           


Michael is a daily home practitioner of yoga, and other meditative practices including Yoga Nidra guided relaxation. In 2020 he trained and received instructor certification in a 200-Hour RYT Vinyasa Yoga program.

He began a daily home practice in response to the challenges of the pandemic, and found in yoga a source of well-being, resilience and calm that drew him to outdoor community practice. As a yoga instructor, he delights in being able to encourage and support the practice of yoga in an outdoor setting, and in providing modifications that offer opportunities for both easier access to poses and for challenge.

A lifelong teacher, Michael is a lead Montessori classroom guide in a Lower Elementary classroom.  In addition he works with adult learners seeking Montessori certification in his role on the teaching faculty of the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC).

Michael's yoga outside.jpg
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