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P r i v a t e  o r  S e m i - P r i v a t e   I n s t r u c t i o n

Get More Out of Your Yoga Practice

Private and small group yoga sessions allow you to address individual needs with direct attention to specific challenges and goals. Private sessions begin with an initial interview and proceed at your pace. Together, we create an individualized series of postures and mindfulness practices to access your inner wisdom and develop a deep well of care and compassion for your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Asana practice is one of many paths to more peace, improved health, and self-acceptance as it builds strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Individual sessions are offered on a sliding scale: $40-$60/hour. We can meet in your home or remotely. If you are interested in learning more, please complete this Initial Intake Form.

Small Group Sessions

Do you have a small group interested in sharing the cost of more individualized instruction? Are you interested in being part of a group who supports each other in making healthier lifestyle choices? Contact me for more information and to learn about groups forming in the near future.

Find more information about my background here.

Linda Castronovo
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