Yoga Outside continues indoors at The Venture Way Collaborative.

Stay connected with the community until we can be outside again.

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200 Venture Way, Hadley MA

Classes are free and entirely donation-based, but space is limited.

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Weekly Schedule

Mondays        8:00- 9:00 AM    Chris Paradis
Tuesdays        7:30- 8:30 AM     Erin Schifferli
Fridays            7:30- 8:30 AM     Kali Torr
Saturdays       8:00- 9:00 AM    Kim or Linda

Chris Paradis (Mondays)          Venmo: @Christine-Paradis

Chris Paradis is a lacrosse coach, yoga teacher and health coach. She came to her yoga mat 18 years ago to address her aging joints, and found a practice with healing qualities that go beyond stretching and breathing.  Chris’s classes focus on the breath, alignment, and fluidity. She also helps students practice self-acceptance and how to take their practice off the mat in order to achieve greater ease and resilience in their daily lives.


Chris earned her 200-hour certification at Amherst Yoga Center under the guidance of Patty Townsend, and has also studied with Sara Rose, Karen Seaver and Shiva Rea. She welcomes students of all levels to come explore the beauty of being fully embodied. 

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Erin Schifferli  (Tuesdays)        Venmo: @Erin-Schifferli

Yoga arrived in Erin’s life in the year 2000. The practice brought healing for her shoulder pain and a newfound sense of wellbeing. She was both inspired and curious! Breathing, balancing, and most powerful of all - being - fostered greater awareness and attentiveness in her life. Discovering this was part of her impetus to deepen her practice and attend teacher trainings to gather further insight. From the first pause on a mat, she sensed the power that Yoga has to offer individuals, communities, and the world. Erin
understood that Yoga impacts the practitioner, as well as the planet; the ripples of the connections continue to grow ever outward. Part of her ripple expansion is to share the practice.

Meditation, movement, and time outdoors in the wonders of Nature support her as a whole person, partner, mother of four, and business owner. Erin is grateful to have learned from many teachers and mentors over the years. She maintains a 500 HR E-RYT with continual life study and an ever evolving daily Yoga practice. Currently residing in Amherst, MA, she offers both in-person and virtual classes, private sessions, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition Education / Counseling, and Doula Birth Services, including birth education /preparation. To learn more about Erin or to schedule an appointment:



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Kali Torr      (Fridays)        Venmo: @ktorr36

Kali first entered the world of Yoga at the age of 12, attending classes with her mom at their local gym. The practice of fun stretching slowly evolved into a deeper settling, settling into herself. Kali’s personal practice has now blossomed into a vital ritual in her life, providing peace and clarity through intuitive movement.

Kali leads her classes with the utmost reverence to an individual’s needs and body. To her, the language of yoga is the language of The Self. The flow of class will honor the body, challenge the mind, and always include some form of breathwork, intention setting, and grounding. Kali studied to become a certified Yoga Instructor in the Sacred Valley of Peru in the Spring of 2022. She is thrilled to be teaching in Amherst and to the incredible community that thrives in this equally sacred valley.

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Kim Deshaies  (Most Saturdays)    Venmo: @kmdeshaies

Passionately weaving her studies in contemporary psychology and neuroscience with reverence for ancient yogic philosophy, Kim sparks curiosity in the roots of yoga practice and shares practical tools to help build resilience, support mental health and physical wellbeing. She takes a trauma-informed approach to yoga that aims to bring students into their bodies where they can make the decisions that are right for them in each moment, and hopes that students will leave class feeling celebrated and empowered to take their practice off the mat in ways that support their individual needs, lives, and work in the world. Kim is a registered yoga teacher (200 RYT) with a BA in Psychology and additional training in Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Yoga Nidra for Mental Health.

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Linda Castronovo (Some Saturdays) Venmo: @Linda-Castronovo-1

I discovered yoga while still in high school in a 1979 Runner's World article. I followed the directions and tried all the postures because the author promised improved strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. It was just a handful of postures: warrior, triangle, cobra, downward dog, and child pose, but I immediately felt calmer, more centered, and more alive. 

I studied exercise science in college and graduate school, worked as a personal trainer, and coached field hockey and lacrosse before I stayed home to raise my son. I was certified as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor in 1990 and continued my study of yoga history and philosophy with many teachers, including Patty Townsend and Corinne Matthews. I value every experience as a teacher and student, on and off the mat.


Now at sixty, my classes are moving meditations designed to build strength, flexibility, mobility, and awareness. I teach an eclectic mix of many traditions, but my aim is to guide you to your own deep well of gratitude, compassion, and self-acceptance. Click here to learn more about me.

Linda Castronovo